Impasse Intervention

Developing a parenting plan as couples are separating often involves a lot of emotions as parents try to plan for their children for what might feel like an unpredictable future. At times, people get stuck on one or more parenting issues that feel unresolveable. These stand in the way of reaching an agreement. Impasse Intervention is designed to help parents break the impasse and reach an agreement that enables them to move forward.

Clients may be in litigation, mediation, lawyer negotiation or any other process.

Clients each have their own coach who is a trained and experienced mental health professional. The coach meets individually with her client and helps the client identify the underlying causes of the impasse and helps develop ways to communicate concerns in ways that can be heard and addressed.

Clients meet jointly with the coaches and each other to express concerns, generate options to address the concerns and reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Impasse Intervention is brief and issue focused.

Coaches are available on an ongoing, consultation basis if future parenting issues arise.