I offer consultation services to couples of all backgrounds including those in same sex relationships who are separating and/or divorcing. I help them develop parenting plans including access the children will have to each parent, how decisions are to be made, what the holiday schedule will be. The parenting plan not only lays a framework for the present and near future, but also provides a road map to meet children’s changing needs as they grow older.

A crucial part of the parenting plan is to provide a structure for dealing with differences of opinion between parents so that they are not stuck in limbo with no way of resolving issues.

I help parents formulate ways of talking to their children about separation and divorce and the changes with which they are dealing. I provide strategies parents can use with their children to help the children feel supported. I provide guidance to parents as they move through the divorce process and establish new family structures.

I am available to work with parents on an as needed basis after a parenting plan is in place as well as at agreed upon intervals to assess how the parenting plan is meeting everyone’s needs.