Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce is a unique process in which clients agree not to go to court to resolve disputes and reach settlement agreements. The goal of the process is to provide an environment in which couples can respectfully discuss issues, develop options and reach solutions that are workable and durable.

A team of experts is available to focus on the needs of the individual client as well as on the needs of the family as a whole, especially those of the children.

Each client has his/her own attorney who provides legal advice. In addition, clients have the option to call on other professionals such as a coach, a child specialist, and a financial expert to help resolve issues.

As a collaborative divorce coach, I help my client identify goals, needs and concerns. I help my client voice those in meetings with the other client, and develop options that will address the needs and concerns. I provide support so that emotions are manageable and do not act as roadblocks to reaching resolution of issues. I work with parents to develop a parenting plan that lays a foundation for co-parenting and provides a structure for access, communication, decision-making and problem solving in the future.