Most people experience times in their lives when they feel stuck, unhappy, confused, angry and/or alone.  Normal life transitions can compromise a person’s feeling of equilibrium.  Relationships can feel unsatisfying.  Learning and attention issues can cause school, work and family problems. 

I work with children, adolescents and adults individually to help them gain insight into the causes of their difficulties. I help them develop problem solving and practical coping strategies to deal with them.  I help individuals navigate through the often emotionally tumultuous waters of separation and divorce.

I also work with couples.   I help them identify underlying issues impacting their relationship and helps develop and strengthen communication and problem solving skills.  I work with parents, children and families to help repair relationships that have become estranged.

I work with children and adolescents ages 10 and up to help them identify issues that may be preventing them from functioning effectively.  I help them identify their feelings.  Through games, art and talking I help them develop coping strategies, behaviors and communication skills that will enable them to be more successful in their relationships and in school.

When children are dealing with separation and divorce I help them identify and talk about their feelings and develop ways to communicate to their parents about these.  Whether the issues have to do with separation and divorce, learning issues, behavioral difficulties, anxiety or depression I work with parents to help them deal effectively with their children.

I work with psychologists and schools to help in identifying possible learning 
difficulties, attention issues and the underlying causes of the difficulties of my school age clients.  I work with parents to identify resources to strengthen academic abilities.